What changes is what passes, a path, a journey

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Whoever won the most in this experience was me. However, I think that in all the people I live with, I left some of myself and took some of them … I can say that I am more fulfilled, given the contact I had with various people, especially the contact I had with what there are the most beautiful in the world – children. As each of us is a bit of a lot of people and a set of external influences, now I have a greater diversity in me.

My volunteerism was focused on agriculture, but in reality, it was much more diverse. I tried to foster a taste for nature and agriculture with the children of the community I dealt with daily, with the nearest school where I gave mini-classes about nutrition, nature and agriculture, and in a more distant community, already inside the jungle, and where, although we are teaching English, we always try to include values of respect for nature and for others. I received and gave workshops about nutrition and cooking, had meetings and did work that helped me understand a little more about the world we live in and the past that created and conditions this present.

Essentially, I have tried to leave in children the seed for the love of nature and respect for their animals. In these fast five months I noticed changes in some children, the younger ones … when I arrived, they killed or mistreated all the insects and certain animals they encountered and when I asked them why they did, they said they did not like them. Now, at the end of this time, I see them caressing the dogs and not destroying the ants’ buildings, just watching curiously their paths and houses.

Even if the help I have given has been minimal, I think that the simple fact that there is an interaction between people from different cultures is positive because it removes prejudices and increases acceptance of differences. The coexistence of different cultures or realities, frees the mentalities, making them more tolerant.

The contact with different realities always helps the inner growth and self-knowledge, because when the perspective is changed, some “frosts” disappear, being possible a different observation and consequent interpretation.

On the other hand, we might consider negative, for example, to allow these children to become attached to us and then to leave everything, not to have a commitment to them for the rest of their lives … However, this is the reality that always goes occur in the lives of all of us because everything is ephemeral, everything in our life comes and goes, is born and dies. So is the cycle of life, to have begun there must be an end, to have the life there must be death, to have good there must be evil. So it is, and the better we accept this fact, better we can live this life that is an instant, where there is only the ephemeral.

At the beginning of this experience I was very happy to arrive here, now I’m happy to leave … the whole departure is also an arrival to another destination. Now I will continue my journey a little more complete and happy, and I will continue looking for my way, in this eternal search that is life.

My next ways will be for other worlds. However, I will make them tempted not to forget something I learned: no matter how little we can do, we should never stop doing it because we think this is little … “Life is made of little nothings”!

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