Waste Management

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Waste management is one of the major problems in any part of the world, and decomposing of the waste has always been a matter of concern for most developing countries in Asia such as Cambodia, Nepal, India, and more.

The obvious problem is that the population overlaps the waste, and there is lack of education and technology for waste management. If the waste is not managed in the right way, it will lead to harmful environment. Climate change and all kinds of pollution are the clear examples of wrong management of the waste. These problems are causing not only human’s lives at risk but also of animals as well as the adverse effects on Earth’s eco-system.

The solution to this waste management problem can be recycling and reusing along with the use of technology. There are some wastes that cannot be permeated in the soil after throwing them and leaving them to digest naturally. Such non-degradable waste can be decomposed to proper site where there is no human living and that may not harm the human and animals.

On the other hand, recycling and reusing are the methods which help reduce the percentage of the solid waste being unused and thrown inappropriately. In other words, those wastes may come in handy as they can be recycled and reused for new products.

Technology also plays important roles in helping manage the waste wisely. For instance, in most developed countries in Europe, they have the type of system that controls waste by segregating before taking them to the landfill. This way they can determine which kinds of waste will be recycled and reused and which will be destroyed or burnt.

Education is another important factor that influences the management of waste. Citizens need to be fully aware of how to keep the garbage and the harm of their improper waste control. The better those people are educated, the more harmless and healthy the waste management will become. The government needs to pay attention and help people engaging in the concept of clean and green societies so that everyone becomes knowledgeable of the waste management.

On the whole, it is necessary that everyone in any sector of their environments cooperate in the waste management because we are together for the sustainable future for our next generation, as well for our grandchildren to live in a place which is beautiful and clean, without piles of waste staying everywhere.



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