Slums in India (Baddi)

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Baddi is a slum area in Himachal Pradesh where industrialization is prevalent. People from different parts of the country come here in search of jobs, as industrial areas have plenty of job opportunities, however the industries require very cheap labor which is a complete act of exploitation on the labor itself.

Even so, these people don’t really have any choice but to take the job and survive with a low salary. With that being said, the income of the whole family is not up to basic needs that they reach a point where there is not a proper house that stems them to live anarchically, in particular, they just live in huts near the areas. And that happens to hundreds of families, and that is how a slum developed.

Children in the slum of Baddi

Most individuals in these slums are daily wage workers and they spend most part of their salary on drinking instead of supporting their families. That is also the reason why they cannot have enough resources for building a proper house and remain living in the slums.

Within the slum area, there is lack of sanitation, supply of clean water, laws enforcement, health centers, and education. This causes a big concern for the development of the country as a whole. Because of this big concern, many NGOs and some concerned person from ministries have come forward to solve this problem.

Volunteers teaching in slum

RUCHI is one of the leading organizations working for the slum in Baddi.

  • Building of 500 toilets
  • Organizing health camps time to time
  • Send volunteers to educate people supporting NFE initiatives


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