Hygiene and Sanitation

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There are still upto 30% people living with less than a dollar a day in Nepal and India. On average, 20% households in Nepal and India which do not have access to safe water and sanitary toilets. The garbage can be seen scattered everywhere in the absence of proper disposal system. In rural areas the people are still ignorant of personal hygiene, cleanliness and other concerns related to sanitation. Overall poverty and lack of education plays a key role for this situation. This adversely affects their health standards. Lack of political will due to instability, lack of clearly defined policies are to also responsible for the situation to a great extent.

There is a need for education of people on personal hygiene, sanitation and environment. Low cost relevant solutions in the form of waste disposal systems/garbage collection bins, drainage system, toilets especially for girls in schools, overall cleanliness can help improve their hygiene and sanitation standards.

If you are concerned kindly extend your support in any possible way – financial, technical, time through volunteering….

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