Gender Discrimination

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“Gender equality is not a woman’s issue. It is a human issue. It affects us all.”

Gender refers to the roles society assign people based on their “sex”.  Men and women both have gender roles that are defined by any given society. Gender discrimination is a bias based on a person’s sex that leads to defining his/her roles in the society. Females of many countries and regions have faced the discrimination for ages and these differences are still continued to exist in various forms.

In some of the male dominating societies women are stripped off their rights and dignity. These attitudes basically stem from religious beliefs, thousand year old culture, traditions, and rituals that are followed by the generations. In countries where women are imprisoned, tortured, or even put to death for asserting their rights, they are victims of their governments, societies, and cultures. In these countries, change is difficult to accomplish and often dangerous. 

Women are beaten into submission either physically or psychologically, may simply accept “that is just the way it is.”

The real enemies behind gender stereotypes are ignorance, intolerance, and stagnant societies that resists change.

We can achieve Gender Equality

Strengthen : Nutrition, Disease prevention and Maternal Health programme

Improve : Girl education and Life skills

Expand : Women’s access to credit and economic opportunity

So Hear Something…Say Something….Take a Stance Against Gender Discrimination!!!

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