Glore certificate – soft skills

The volunteer can only pick a maximum 10 skills to include in the certificate


Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

1.     Public Speaking

2.     Digital communication

3.     Assertiveness

4.     Giving and receiving feedback

5.     Networking and Public Relations

6.     Negotiation

Work skills

navigates complex work environments to remain competitive in the global workforce.

7.     Organisation and Planning

8.     Decision-making

9.     Teamwork

10.   Efficiency & time management

11.   Autonomy

12.   Stress management

13.   Initiative

14.   Problem-solving

15.   Flexibility

16.   Work ethics & commitment

Personal skills

Attitudes about oneself, the world, and the interaction between the two.  Managing one’s attention, emotions, and behaviors in goal-directed ways.

17.  Confidence

18.  Responsibility

19.  Creativity

20.  Leadership

21.  Innovation

22.  Tolerance

23.  Self-awareness

24.  Empathy

25.  Critical thinking

Social skills

Interacts and works effectively with others.

26.  Coaching & mentoring

27.  Inclusiveness

28.  Socio-cultural awareness

29.  Adaptability in local reality

30.  Conflict resolution

31.  Open-mindedness

Foreign language

Ability to communicate with  colleagues and local residents in a foreign language.

European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) within 5 levels:
0 (not possessed)
A1 Basic
A2 Basic
B1/B2 Independent
C1/C2 Proficient

These skills are determined by the organization and describe a special skill set used in that sector.

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Here you can download the evaluation frame for each area of the skills.