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Hello, I’m Maria Edouarda (Duda), 22 years old, and come from the South of Brazil, a medium city, with gorgeous places around (there is one of the most beautiful sunshine in the world!). We have a lot of nature, good food and amazing people.

So, I work with Celim, an NGO born in 1954, Milan, Italy. In CeliMondo there is the educational part of Celim, we work in the schools of the city about human rights, migrations and environmental sustainability, fostering interactions and stimulating good practices.


I have never thought about starting a new job in another Country, especially working with kids. I have always wanted to work with them, but sometimes I think that my professional dream is to become their art teacher. I don’t know why, I just feel this.

So, I arrived on the 10th of September, three days after I started my new job in Italy. All the people of the office were so kind and helpful, I participated in a training course with young people that were travelling for a year in Africa, making the Civil Service. In the first months I couldn’t speak the Italian language, my English was bad and no one was speaking Portuguese, but I tried hard, mixing Spanish, Portuguese with a little bit of body language to make it more Italian, and things started happening! In this time i realized that i learnt one of most important things in my life: let the life show you what she wants to give you, and enjoy every moment!

One morning, my brain was lazy, sometimes when people started talking  with me  I was like “WTF?” I had to be patient and after some days, I started learning Italian. Since that moment on, the new language started to be more normal to me, and when I started understanding all the jokes I had a super smile on my face.


(My birthday at office, they made a nice surprise for me :))

In the office, I work with media and communication, like brochures, flyers, photos and videos. I also work in after school support: we play some games and I help the kids with their homework. Every Friday we have a special work with teens from 12/13 years old, where they need to write a blog, talking about their city zone, so we make photos, videos and we try to make them learn about informatics, computer and design.

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I really like my job with the kids, someday they are so relaxed  and collaborative, other days they make us crazy! But in the end of the day, I’m glad if I’ve been able to teach them even the smallest thing. At the beginning, it was so difficult to understand what they said, they live into another world, it’s easy for me talk with kids in my language in my Country, but when you need to express yourself in another language and culture, everyday you learn something new.


But now I think I have a good relationship with the kids, and I’m so excited, because in the next month I will start to hold a photography workshop. I expect that it will be a good experience, for them and for me; I will have the chance to let them know more about the philosophy of the image on this “new world full of images”, by talking also about immigration and prejudice, using the art, it will be great!

I’m sure that we will learn a lot together and it will be a big step that will enrich even more my project.


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