My International Volunteering is a platform for international volunteers and organizations who are involved with youth work and international volunteering projects.

It initially aimed to gather and spread out articles written by volunteers of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) engaged in the Capacity Building project in the field of youth “World Wise Web” (2014), a wide framework financed through the Erasmus+ programme that joins together EVS projects carried out in three different continents: Europe, South-America and Asia.

Currently, the website is the main channel of dissemination for the EVS experiences of the project “Global Recognition” (2016). Under the same Erasmus+ funding, the project aims to develop a system of certification of non-formal education competences, which will be used as a starting point for an open network of organizations involved in international volunteering actions.

At the moment “GloRe” involves the following organisations:

One of the biggest issues that we are going to tackle is the capacity of volunteers and NGOs to evaluate and empower themselves, through the validation of their capacities and competencies acquired in non-formal education settings.
Through this website, we’ll be able to give an instrument to the associations to increase the value of their offers thanks to an official and approved certificate which guarantees the skills and the work carried out by the volunteer in order to make his experience valuable to the eyes of the labor market.

All of the EVS projects share three main areas of youth work, namely: web communication, advocacy and non-formal education within the context of international volunteering. All the articles published on this website will mainly deal with non-formal education and methods, both regarding volunteers’ personal experiences and their projects’ beneficiaries.

My International Volunteering is a place where all the future volunteers would be able to publish their own stories, and at the same time organizations will disseminate the results of their projects and give visibility to their opportunities.

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