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21 June,2016
Genova, Italy

NAMESTE this me, Tejan Dahal, and I am writing from my journey for EVS started on 25th of May 2016 from my country, Nepal.


Today I am in Genova, and I am going to write about some of my experiences. Actually my EVS (European Voluntary Service) will take place in Romania, but I am in Italy since the 25th of May waiting for my Romanian visa. I love travelling, but this journey from Nepal to Italy and then to Romania is providing me with funny as well as bitter experiences.

I got the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, to taste many kinds of food that I had never tried before. I got the chance to work with different kinds of people in different fields. I have got the opportunity to visit new places.


In the picture above, I am doing some creative work with Joint’s team members and friends; the activity has been organised by Associazione Joint. We enjoyed panting, it was a very happy moment to me because I had never painted before, and everybody seemed enjoying it a lot.


Playing with kids in Genova


In the picture below, we were collecting food from the market and giving them to poor people. RECUPE is the organisation which collects from the waste all the fruit and vegetables from the market, separating good from rotten fruit and making compost out of the food which is not used.


That’s life: we don’t know what is going to happen, it may be either good or bad, but we always have to try to find something good among the bad things that happen. Making new friends and new relationships, laughing, sharing different opinions: all this made me stronger and happier.

Thanks to the participation to an international youth exchange, I had the chance to make a lot of new friends (photo below); this is the good thing that I found, notwithstanding the hardship through which I am passing; in fact, I am having some troubles to get my visa to Romania. Playing together, eating in the same place, and being involved in different activities created a deep relation between me and everybody around me.


Try to find something good in every moment! And always keep a smile in your face, expressing love and happiness to all.

In Bassano del Grappa I had my second chance to participate into another youth exchange camp. Different country, religion, culture and language: we were participants very different among us, but with something in common: the expression of happiness. Living an experience like this, we become able to change our opinion on the others.


The picture above is from the youth exchange “STAY HUMAN”, which was consisting of youngsters from 11 countries.



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